(322d) Mathematical Modeling of Lithium Ion Cells and Batteries

Weidner, J. W., University of South Carolina
A physics-based models of lithium ion cells can be used to make predictions of the voltage of the cell as a function of time for charge and discharge given the design parameters and operating conditions of the cell. Such a model enables cell designers to determine the effect of changing design parameters on cell performance before building the cell for a particular application. These models can also be used to design a thermal management system to ensure that the heat generated in the cell is removed before causing overheating and thermal runaway of the cell. These physic-based models of a lithium ion cell can be extended to include multiple spatial dimensions to predict the temperature distribution in a lithium-ion cell for a given set of conditions. A review of the development of physics-based lithium ion cell models will be presented, with particular attention given to predicting temperature distribution in batteries and the effect of volume expansion on battery performance.