(314a) Recent Advances in the BARON Project | AIChE

(314a) Recent Advances in the BARON Project


Puranik, Y. - Presenter, Carnegie Mellon University
Kilinc, M., Carnegie Mellon University
Sahinidis, N., Carnegie Mellon University
The BARON project for the global optimization of NLPs and MINLPs began in the early 1990s [1]. BARON has been at the forefront of the development of global optimization technology, pioneering techniques including the use of bounds tightening techniques [1, 2], polyhedral relaxations [2,3,4,5], convexity detection and use of multi-term relaxations [6,7], and multi-constraint relaxations [8,9].

In this talk, we (1) provide a brief account of key software engineering and algorithmic developments in the history of the software, (2) discuss recent advances, including the development of a systematic approach for diagnosing the cause of infeasibilities in MINLPs, acceleration via exploitation of optimality conditions, and learning approaches that result in dynamic solution strategies for solving difficult problems, and (3) present extensive computational results on a collection of benchmarks.

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