(313a) The Value Proposition of an Industry-Defined Smart Manufacturing Platform and Integrated Market Place

Edgar, T. F., McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
The Smart Manufacturing Platform and Market Place facilitates significant productivity gains for manufacturing operations by radically accelerating and lowering the costs of (1) modeling to develop new understandings and opportunities, (2) agile road mapping that can adjust to what was not known and (3) progressive, layer-by-layer gains in trust, confidence, managed risk, human-in-the-loop involvement, technical systems and business outcomes. The SM Platform is designed to be a rich source of validated and certified services, software products and infrastructure choices combined with a rich collaboration environment for new and emerging products and services. It facilitates training, evaluation, testing, development, deployment, scaling and reuse with real-time data to expedite the hard job of working with real data and integrated systems. These capabilities make it possible to significantly improve energy efficiency and energy productivity

Demonstrated in a Department of Energy project involving industry operations, an industry-defined SM Marketplace decouples data and integration services and software products from infrastructure, so that it is possible to compose simple to complex real-time data driven multi vendor solutions and run them to connect operations, businesses and people. The SM Platform brings all of the scalability, cost, per use and security advantages of the cloud provider of choice while still being able to work with multiple vendor products and services. The SM Marketplace is a true market providing access, exposure and evaluation to a wide spectrum of discoverable products, their configurations, and implementation standards and methods. It is an open Market for aligning tools to the needs of the user and empowering the worker with the right tools rather than having to fit the workers to particular tools. As an agile system the SM Platform makes it possible to start small and simple and layer complexity and benefit as understanding is gained.