(296d) Modulating Amyloid and Virus Particle Interactions Using Osmolytes | AIChE

(296d) Modulating Amyloid and Virus Particle Interactions Using Osmolytes


Heldt, C. L. - Presenter, Michigan Technological University
Osmolytes, compounds that modulate cell volume and fluid balance, play an important role in modulating the hydrophobic interaction of proteins and larger biomolecular nanoparticles. It is likely that this modulation is caused by the water caging ability of osmolyte molecules. While in the lab of George Belfort, we were working on methods to modulate the interaction of hydrophobic amyloid proteins and peptides. His work, and the work of others, has shown that amyloid kinetics can be modulated with osmolytes. In my independent lab, we have utilized the ability of osmolytes to change the interaction of hydrophobic molecules by developing osmolyte flocculation technology (OFT) for virus particle purification. OFT has the potential to greatly reduce both development time and cost for future vaccine products. While osmolytes have many uses in protein stabilization, the ability to modulate hydrophobic interactions may open a new avenue of use for these versatile compounds.