(295d) How to Create and Maintain High Powered Teams: It Takes the Power of Influence | AIChE

(295d) How to Create and Maintain High Powered Teams: It Takes the Power of Influence

When we think of winning and high performing teams, we think of implementing management tactics, applying techincal and functional knowledge, and following policies and procedures. Building a high performance team requires more than that. Leadership is usually the missing piece when it comes to achieving success and effectiveness at all levels. Leadership is thought of to be as position, titles and strategy but effective leadership involves influence, respect and driving results using non-traditional autocratic methods.

In this workshop, we will revisit what true and effective leadership is, and discover the strategies that need to be implemented by technical and engineering professionals to truly create synergy, improved performance and engagement from all levels. A true leadership culture leads to a successful team culture. You will learn the steps to motivate and engage your team for results and learn how to utilize influence strategies to acheive your goals as a team. We will conclude the workshop with a brainstorming session on out of the box ideas that participants can take back to work and begin to implement.


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