(256z) The Interdigitated Electrodes Stimulation of the Proliferation and Differentiation of Living Cells

Zhao, C., Guangdong University of Technology
Min, Y., Guangdong University of Technology
Liu, J., Guangdong University of Technology
He, T., Guangdong University of Technology
The electric and magnetic fields were reported to be useful on improving cell growth. Here we report a simple method of fabrication of self-doped sulfonated polyaniline (SPAN)-based interdigitating electrodes (SPAN-IDEs) which is applied on cell stimulation. The electrodes are fabricated through a layer-by-layer deposition of SPAN copolymers and in situ polymerization on PET film, which were used for murine bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) and pre-osteoblasts cells (MC3T3-E1). The samples were evaluated by alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and Von Kossa staining, which gave us promising results for SPAN-IDEs could be a potentitial biological scaffold on tissue engineering application.