(255bh) Ultrasensitive Microchip Based on Smart Microgel for Real-Time on-Line Detection of Trace Threat Analytes

Chu, L. Y., Sichuan University
Lin, S., Sichuan University
Wang, W., Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd., PetroChina
Ju, X. J., Sichuan University
Xie, R., Sichuan University
Liu, Z., Sichuan University

Real-time on-line detection of trace threat analytes is critical for global sustainability, while the key challenge is how to efficiently convert and amplify analyte signals into simple readouts. Here we report an ultrasensitive microfluidic platform incorporated with smart microgel for real-time on-line detection of trace threat analytes. The microgel can swell responding to specific stimulus in flowing solution, resulting in efficient conversion of the stimulus signal into significantly amplified signal of flow rate change; thus highly sensitive, fast and selective detection can be achieved. We demonstrate this by incorporating ion-recognizable microgel for detecting trace Pb2+, and connecting our platform with pipelines of tap water and wastewater for real-time on-line Pb2+-detection to achieve timely pollution warning and terminating. This work provides a generalizable platform for incorporating myriad stimuli-responsive microgels to achieve ever-better performance for real-time on-line detection of various trace threat molecules, and may expand the scope of applications of detection techniques.