(237a) Fully Integrated Wearable Biosensor Arrays for Multiplexed Sweat Analysis | AIChE

(237a) Fully Integrated Wearable Biosensor Arrays for Multiplexed Sweat Analysis


Wearable sensor technologies play a significant role in realizing personalized medicine through continuously monitoring an individualâ??s health state. To this end, human sweat is an excellent candidate for non-invasive monitoring as it contains physiologically rich information. Previously reported sweat-based biosensors either can only monitor a single analyte at a time or lack on-site signal processing and calibration mechanisms for accurate analysis of the physiological state. Given the complexity of sweat secretion, simultaneous and multiplexed screening of target biomarkers is critical and full system integration to ensure the accuracy of measurements is a necessity. Here, a mechanically flexible and fully-integrated perspiration analysis system is presented that simultaneously and selectively measures sweat metabolites and electrolytes electrochemically, as well as the skin temperature to calibrate the sensors' response. Our work bridges the technological gap between signal transduction, conditioning, processing and wireless transmission in wearable biosensors by merging plastic based sensors that interface with the skin with silicon integrated circuits consolidated on a flexible circuit board for complex signal processing. This application could not have been realized using either of these technologies alone owing to their respective inherent limitations. This wearable system is used to measure the detailed sweat profile of human subjects engaged in prolonged indoor and outdoor physical activities, and infer real-time assessment of the physiological state of the subjects. For example, the data obtained from outdoor running exercise shows that sweat sodium can potentially serve as an important biomarker for monitoring dehydration. The platform enables a wide range of personalized diagnostic and physiological monitoring applications.