(234k) Photocatalysis in a Packed Bed:  Wastewater Treatment with Immobilized Nanoparticles

Srinivasan, M. P., RMIT University
Zhou, R., National University of Singapore
Complete photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange, methylene blue and rhodamine chloride was accomplished using immobilized silver nanoparticles as catalysts and tethered calix[7]hydroquinone molecules as nano-reactors. The large interfacial area afforded by the packed bed geometry, presentation of the nanoparticles as a single, tethered layer, and the optically transparent packing material facilitated intimate interaction between the catalyst, dye solution and radiation. The degradation was accomplished using either UV or visible radiation and the nanoparticles displayed self-cleaning and anti-poisoning properties thereby demonstrating excellent durability and catalytic efficiency. The method addresses multiple issues that constrain scale-up of nanophotocatalytic systems.