(233az) Dissolvable Microcarriers for Efficient Cell Production and Recovery

Zhou, Y., Corning Inc
Krebs, K., Corning Inc
Hervy, M., CETC
Bear, M. M., CETC
Caracci, S., Corning Inc

Cell scale-up on microcarriers is an increasingly important technique for bioprocess applications. However, the harvest, separation, and concentration of final product (e.g. cell, virus, or antibody) can be time and resource consuming. To address these issues, Corning has developed a new generation of microcarriers that can be quickly dissolved, allowing easy collection of grown cells or secreted products without the need for microcarrier separation. Here we present unique properties and potential applications for dissolvable microcarriers. Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) and Vero were grown in spinner flask cultures or bioreactors on dissolvable microcarriers. For all cell types evaluated, growth performance on dissolvable microcarriers was equivalent to other commercially available microcarriers, and high quality cells were recovered without the need for microcarrier separation.