(163g) Comparative Studies of Granular Flows Using Edem™, Liggghts (open source) and PIV Experimental Setup

Siraj, M. S., Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria.
Khan, M. U., Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Nilore
Nawaz, B., Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Nilore
Shah, G. N., Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Granular flows and solid particle mixing are crucial to understand as they play a vital role in multiple disciplines, for example, from pharmaceutical, mining, chemical and nuclear engineering to astronomical applications like study of the formation and movement of sand dunes on Mars and other planets. This makes granular flows a really interesting and emerging field.

In this presentation, new results will be presented using open source software LIGGGHTS and compared with some of the previous results [1-2] using EDEMTM. An experimental setup for PIV studies was also installed at Department of Chemical Engineering (DChE) in PIEAS and some of its results will also be presented.


[1] M.S. Siraj, S. Radl, B.J. Glasser, J.G. Khinast, Effect of Blade Angle and Particle Size on Powder Mixing Performance in a Rectangular Box. Powder Technology 211 (2011) 100-113.

[2] M.S. Siraj, Single-Blade Convective Powder Mixing: Impact of Blade Shape and Angle, Powder Technology 267 (2014) 289-301.