(162a) "for Here or to Go: Maintaining Mid-Career Faculty Momentum"

Grant, C., North Carolina State University
Midcareer faculty in engineering often are at crossroads of their careers in terms of opportunities. Whether tenure or non-tenure track, faculty are often presented with a plethora of opportunities in leadership, service, research and international realms. A critical aspect of making decisions at this stage is the application of a well thought out long term academic career roadmap. In the absence of this, faculty can flounder, become discouraged and even become â??stuckâ?. This presentation draws on the presenterâ??s extensive expertise mentoring junior faculty, coaching midcareer faculty and designing initiatives to provide a robust roadmap to faculty. Faculty currently searching for that next â??big thingâ? to work on will benefit, as will those that are continuing on a solid upward trajectory to the next promotion.