(152f) Genome-Wide Genetic Screening in Mammalian Cells Using TALE Libraries

Li, Y., The University of Texas at Dallas
Kang, T., The University of Texas at Dallas
Bleris, L., The University of Texas at Dallas
Genome-wide screens to identify genes connected to a phenotype of interest have been performed using RNAi libraries and recently CRISPR-Cas9 libraries. However, both approaches are limited by inherent disadvantages including off-target effects and inefficient gain-of-function screenings. Recently, we introduced an assembly method to efficiently construct TALE (transcription activator-like effectors) libraries which cover all possible combinations of the nucleotides, and demonstrated genome-wide screening experiments in yeast cells. In this study, we constructed biased TALE libraries to target desired motifs and subsequently performed genome-wide screens in human cells to probe for desired change in phenotype.