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(13f) Particle/Process Engineering for Active’s Novel Formulation and Sustainable Manufacturing


Azad, M. - Presenter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Research Interests:

As breakthroughs in the chemical arena become fewer and farther between, researchers are focusing increasingly on ways to improve existing products and processes. At the heart of this development are the pharmaceutical industries, the biggest markets for human health care in the U.S. It is also an important sector that has contributed toward a 30 year increase in average life span in the USA during the last century, and remains a main line of defense against new diseases. Product development and manufacturing address poor bioavailability which is a major issue for most new drug molecules discovered. Nanotechnology is expanding very fast to handle the bioavailability issues in pharmaceutical industries. The current global market for nanoparticles in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is at $20B, and is expected to grow to over $50B in five years.

Particle science and technology deals with the production, functionalization, characterization, handling, and utilization of a wide variety of particles in either micro or nano scale. It has a direct impact on a number of industries such as pharmaceutical, advanced materials, environmental, chemical, mineral, agricultural, and food processing. The emerging paradigm in this interdisciplinary area is the recognition of the intrinsic length/time scales at the molecular level, particle-level, powder-level, equipment-level, and process-level.

My research work involved various aspects of particle/process engineering on the proficient in design, development, and novel formulation for making nano/micro actives applicable to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrochemical, and food processing industries. My PhD and postdoctoral research work covers: (1) developing an innovative miniaturized end-to-end on demand pharmaceutical drug manufacturing module; (2) dissolution enhancements of crystalline activeâ??s via modification into amorphous using mesoporous carriers; (3) stability improvement of drug nano/micro suspensions using dispersants; (4) developing fast dissolving core-shell type nanocomposite powders using fine carriers (<50 microns); (5) developing surfactant free drug nanosuspensions and nanocomposites using swellable cross-linked polymers; (6) developing high drug loaded biocompatible film.

The best practice to solve a problem scientifically is: understanding through basic research, creating innovative solutions, and bringing concept to product through applied research. I have well versed knowledge to apply all three aspects of science to develop solutions for outstanding problems. My research interests center on the application of basic principles of chemical engineering to various particulate systems/processes (applicable for pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, agrochemicals, food industries etc.) via experimentation and modeling to systematic development of a fundamental understanding of mechanisms that lead to tunable sized and functionalized particle/soft materials formation, enhanced stabilization/dispersion, formulate to specific delivery/application, miniature equipment design, and economical manufacturing.

Teaching Interests: Chemical Engineering, Heat/Mass Transfer, Materials & Energy Balance, Nanotechnology, Particle Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Process Engineering, Thermodynamics, Unit Operations.


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