(139b) Exploring Cellulose Nanofibrils As Renewable Resource for Metal-Free Heteroatoms-Doped Carbon Electrocatalyst

Mulyadi, A., Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhang, Z., Georgia Institute of Technology
Dutzer, M., Georgia Institute of Technology
Liu, W., Georgia Institute of Technology
Deng, Y., Georgia Institute of Technology
With increasing development toward sustainable energy technologies for the future, a cost-effective electrochemical reaction has become a critical aspect for its practical applications. Replacing traditional metal-based electrocatalysts with carbon-based electrocatalyst offers both economical and environmental benefits. Cellulose nanofibrils, as biomass resources, have drawn a great interest as promising raw materials for preparing carbonaceous materials. In addition, enhanced electrochemical properties of carbon materials could be achieved by incorporating heteroatoms dopants. In this work, metal-free heteroatoms-doped carbons derived from carbon nanofibrils are explored as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction. The characteristics of doped carbons were investigated and their electrocatalytic activities were demonstrated.