(135c) A Nanomaterial Synthesis Android App: Towards Cleaner Production of Engineered Nanomaterials

Jensen, C., Colorado School of Mines
Lewinski, N., Virginia Commonwealth University

There are a multitude of synthesis methods for producing engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), some of which can be unreliable and inconsistent. Despite the development of experimental standard protocols and reference materials, inter-laboratory comparisons are rarely conducted for ENMs synthesis and a repository of synthesis information is lacking. Towards more robust nanoinformatics approaches, we have gathered information on available ENMs synthesis methods, developed a platform to search and display them (i.e., an Android app) and will present efforts towards developing schema, knowledge extraction, and ultimately computer aided ENMs synthesis. A particular focus has been placed on enriching ENMs structure activity relationships and applications to energetic materials. Another goal of this effort is to link chemistry and chemical engineering in this emerging and interdisciplinary field.


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