(135a) Integrating Data Sources for Process Sustainability Assessments

Barrett, W. M. - Presenter, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Smith, R., US Environmental Protection Agency
Ruiz-Mercado, G., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Gonzalez, M. A., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Abraham, J. P., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
To perform a chemical process sustainability assessment requires significant data about chemicals, process design specifications, and operating conditions. The required information includes the identity of the chemicals used, the quantities of the chemicals within the context of the sustainability assessment, physical properties of these chemicals, equipment inventory, as well as health, environmental, and safety properties of the chemicals. Much of this data are currently available to the process engineer either from the process design in the chemical process simulation software or online through chemical property and environmental, health, and safety databases. Examples of these databases include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyâ??s (USEPAâ??s) Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource (ACToR), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Healthâ??s (NIOSHâ??s) Hazardous Substance Database (HSDB), and National Institute of Standards and Technologyâ??s (NISTâ??s) Chemistry Webbook. This presentation will provide methods and procedures for extracting chemical identity and flow information from process design tools (such as chemical process simulators) and chemical property information from the online databases. The presentation will also demonstrate acquisition and compilation of the data for use in the EPAâ??s GREENSCOPE process sustainability analysis tool.

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