Recovery of Value-Added Co-Products from Biorefinery Residuals, Effluents, and Emissions

Mondala, A., Mississippi State University
Elkasabi, Y., USDA-ARS

This session is accepting paper abstracts dealing with technologies for the recovery and/or reuse of biorefinery residuals, waste effluents, and emissions for further value-added applications. Examples of biorefinery waste streams include but are not limited to the following: (1) byproducts from thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, gasification, liquefaction) such as coal ash, biochar, and syngas co-products  (2) catalytic upgrading and/or refining byproducts (3) biochemical refinery effluents, such as anaerobic digestates, fermentation residues and off-gases, wastewaters, and solid wastes (4) separation process residuals, such as distillery slops, extractives, distillation bottoms, etc.



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