Organic/Hybrid Semiconductors and Quantum Dots I | AIChE

Organic/Hybrid Semiconductors and Quantum Dots I


Lunt, R., Michigan State University


Holmberg, V., University of Washington

Quantum dots,organic, and hybrid-inorganic (such as organic-nanoparticle, organic-nanowire, or hybrid perovskite) semiconductor materials continue to receive interest due to their compatibility with low-cost, high throughput processing techniques. These materials have been demonstrated as the active material in light-emitting devices, photodetectors, thin-film transistors, lasers, and a variety of sensors. This session welcomes submissions examining the synthesis, processing and characterization of organic, quantum dots, and hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor materials and their application in electronic and optoelectronic devices. Experimental, theoretical and computational papers are welcome.



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