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Multiscale Modeling


Qian, X., University of Arkansas-Fayetteville


Adamczyk, A. J., Materials Technology, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Many interesting phenomena involve processes that span multiple characteristic length and/or time scales. Multiscale modeling has emerged as a valuable methodology for developing analytical and computational models that describe the interplay between different scales. As such, multiscale modeling techniques are important in guiding catalyst and reactor design. Both fundamental and applied papers are invited. Especially encouraged are papers on the development, analysis or use of new analytical and computational methods that allow bridging multiple length and/or time scales. Also papers related to technological applications in the areas of (bio)catalysis and reaction engineering, reactor design, (bio)materials and related areas are solicited. Submitted papers may be in the area of molecular-based multiscale modeling (e.g., enhanced sampling or coarse-graining) or have a focus on bridging larger length and timescales.



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