(760b) Core-Shell Redox Catalysts for Chemical Looping Reforming of Methane | AIChE

(760b) Core-Shell Redox Catalysts for Chemical Looping Reforming of Methane


Li, F. - Presenter, North Carolina State University
Neal, L. - Presenter, North Carolina State University
Shafiefarhood, A. - Presenter, North Carolina State University

The chemical looping reforming (CLR) process represents an alternative, potentially efficient approach for methane valorization. Unlike conventional partial oxidation schemes which require cryogenic air separation, the CLR process inherently avoids air separation by replacing gaseous oxygen with regeneratable ionic oxygen (O2-) from a redox catalyst lattice. As such, the performance of CLR is largely dependent upon the activity and selectivity of the redox catalyst.  Many perovskite-structured mixed metal oxides are known to be active for methane oxidation.  Their oxygen storage capacities; however, tend to be low.  In contrast, iron oxides can store up to 30 w.t.% of lattice oxygen but are less selective for syngas generation.  We report redox catalysts that utilize the advantages of both perovskites and iron oxide, by incorporating a mixed ionic-electronic conductive (MIEC) perovskite shell to an iron oxide based nanoparticle core.  It is proposed that the MIEC perovskite facilitates countercurrent conduction of O2- and electrons, allowing facile O2- transport to and from the iron oxide irrespective to the porosity of the redox catalyst particle.  In this work, reduction scheme of a Fe2O3@La.8Sr.2FeO3 redox catalyst is investigated. Using transient pulse injection and isotope exchange approaches, a complex series of reaction regions is revealed, giving insight into a dynamic reaction mechanism that relies upon lattice oxygen transport, active surface species, and bulk oxygen availability.  Effects of core and shell compositions on redox catalyst performance are also investigated. It is shown that Fe2O3@La.8Sr.2FeO3 and Co3O4@La.8Sr.2FeO3 core-shell redox catalysts are highly effective for CLR.