(741d) Magnetic Titanium Dioxide Based Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Application in Pollutant Degradation

Yao, H., Tsinghua University
Fan, M., University of Wyoming
Wang, Y., Tsinghua University
Luo, G., Tsinghua University
Fei, W., Tsinghua University

Magnetic titanium dioxide based nanocomposites have been gaining increasingly high attention in sustainable environmental protection fields. These materials can integrate the advantages of magnetic recovery and the superior photocatalysis performance of titanium dioxide. This paper primarily is focused on reviwing the characteristics of magnetic particles, their preparation methods and structural models, and the techniques used for improving photocatalytic performance of magnetic titanium dioxide based photocatalysts. It aims to provide a systematic overview of the current knowledge in this area. Notably, the recently discovered technique coupling graphene into magnetic iron oxide-titanium dioxide system is discussed, which can be used for preparing magnetic semiconductors with excellent properties. The challenges we are facing in this field are also pointed out. In addition, the deactivation and regeneration mechanisms of the magnetic titanium dioxide based nanocomposites are also examined.