(726g) Recognition of L-Amino Acid at Liposome Membrane Surface and Its Application for Homochiral Polymerization

Ishigami, T. - Presenter, Osaka University
Kaneko, Y. - Presenter, Osaka University
Suga, K. - Presenter, Osaka University
Okamoto, Y. - Presenter, Osaka University
Umakoshi, H. - Presenter, Osaka University

We report the enantioselective adsorption of an L-amino acid on an L-form liposome and amino acid polymerization on the liposome. L-form liposomes are involved in the enantioselective binding and concentration of adsorbed L-amino acids, and protect activated intermediates from hydrolysis. The use of L-form liposomes therefore enables homochiral polymerization and more efficient polymerization of L-amino acids than of D-amino acids. Our developed method can therefore be used for the synthesis of homochiral biopolymers from racemic monomers and could be helpful in understanding prebiotic biopolymer formation.