(686e) Morphology Evolution of Quadrangular Dendrites of Erythritol | AIChE

(686e) Morphology Evolution of Quadrangular Dendrites of Erythritol


Wang, T. - Presenter, School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University
Wang, J. - Presenter, National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Crystallization Technology, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University
Hao, H. - Presenter, Tianjin university, Tianjin, China

The change of the morphology of erythritol was investigated in this paper. Offline tools such as scanning electron microscope (SEM), XRD, DSC and optical microscope and online tools such as PVM and FBRM were used to test the effects of the factors including temperature, additives, solvents, cooling rate and so on. It was found that when the erythritol solution is added the same anti-solvent, its habit changes from dendritic structure to octahedron with the rising of the initial temperature, and the transition temperature changes with the kind of the anti-solvent. A possible explanation of this phenomenon has been proposed on the basis of experiments. The dendritic erythritol is the early stage forms of the octahedron. The morphology of erythritol experiences a transformation process of dendritic—snow-like with four corners—octahedron. The influences of other factors on this phenomenon have also been discussed in detail.