(685b) CO2 Capture from Flue Gas By PSA: Comparison of Bench to Full Scale Process Simulation When Utilizing a Structured Adsorbent

Mohammadi, N., University of South Carolina
Ebner, A. D., University of South Carolina
Ritter, J. A., University of South Carolina

The primary objective of this work is to carry out a comprehensive modeling study to evaluate the performance of a structured adsorbent for capturing CO2 from coal fired power plant flue gas at the process scale. This study is being carried out with the Dynamic Adsorption Process Simulator (DAPS) developed at USC and modified to account for pressure drop through a structured adsorbent with a one dimensional pressure drop correlation in place of the packed bed Ergun equation. The modeling results at the bench scale will be contrasted against those obtained from a 1-bed PSA system utilizing a structured adsorbent. The model will then be used to predict the performance of the PSA cycle at the process scale. This presentation will discuss the latest results obtained by Ritter and his group.