(67g) Reaction Kinetics of Elemental Mercury Vapor with Cupric Chloride for Mercury Emission Control

Sriram, V., University of Cincinnati
Liu, Z., University of Cincinnati
Lee, D. J. Y., University of Cincinnati

Based on our previous mechanistic study of the heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of elemental mercury (Hg (0)) vapor over cupric chloride (CuCl2)-based catalyst, the reaction rate kinetics was studied. The objective of this work is to determine the reaction kinetics for the reaction of Hg (0) with CuCl2. A mathematical model including material and energy balances has been developed for the gas-solid reaction taking place within the reactant particles. The oxidation of elemental mercury under different Hg (0) inlet concentrations and reaction temperatures were studied. A relationship between the local conversion of cupric chloride and reaction time was obtained. The experimental data was fit into the mathematical model and the reaction rate constants were determined from the model. The detailed simulation and experimental results will be presented.