(667b) Wet, Cohesive Non-Spherical Particle Packing | AIChE

(667b) Wet, Cohesive Non-Spherical Particle Packing


Curtis, J. S. - Presenter, University of Florida
Tangri, H. - Presenter, University of Florida

In this presentation, we discuss the effect of liquid addition on the packing of mono-sized spheres and monosized, elongated particles of fixed diameter and varying length.  We investigate two different particle types and three different liquids to explore a range of magnitude of capillary force to gravitational force.  Particles are poured into a cylindrical container at a fixed drop height to a fixed fill height, and the particle packing density is determined by an image analysis method. For a given particle type, liquid is added until the particle density asymptotes.  Significant differences in packing behavior from spheres are noted, and results are characterized by a Bond number based on the equivalent volume diameter of the non-spherical particle.