(621u) Development of Shift Catalyst Reactive at Low Temperature in Coal-Fired Power Generation for Next Generation

Sasaki, T., Hitachi,Ltd.
Suzuki, T., Hitachi, Ltd.
Takaoka, M., Graduated School of Engineering, Kyoto

In the water-gas shift (WGS) catalyst which MoS2 is an active site, the shift activity was examined for catalysts which seven sort components with different electronegativity were added to Mo/Al2O3. The shift activity was highest with the catalyst by adding Ni, which has the largest electronegativity. The results suggest that the reducibility of MoO3 is improved by adding a large electronegativity component, and as a result, the generation of MoS2 is enhanced in the pretreatment process. Furthermore, as a result of searching for the optimal composition including the support, MoS2 generation was most enhanced with the Ni/Mo/TiO2 catalyst, and shift activity was also maximized.


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