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(590a) ISA-95 Based Scheduler Using Flexible Heuristics


The main challenge in productizing scheduling solutions is often twofold: 1) Defining a landscape that can host the algorithmic environment, collect information necessary to formulate a realistic problem instances and communicate the results into production, 2) Providing an algorithm that works efficiently for various cases and provides - if not optimal - solutions that can be used in practice.
In this presentation we will address both challenges and present a scheduling solution that uses ISA-95 standard for importing the information based on which the problem is modeled. To ensure an efficient operation the solution uses a number of heuristic algorithms, which in many cases perform close-to-optimally. Different use cases are shown, along the discussion on how the algorithms performance can be affected both in terms of efficiency and quality.

Harjunkoski, I. and Bauer, R. (2014). Sharing data for production scheduling using the ISA-95 standard. Frontiers in Energy Research, 2/44, pp. 1-15