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(581f) Molecular Dynamics Study of Self-Assembly of Low Molecular Mass Organic Gelators


Huda, M. M. - Presenter, Mississippi State university
Rai, N. - Presenter, Mississippi State University

Molecular Dynamics Study of
self-assembly of Low Molecular Mass Organic Gelators

Md Masrul Huda and Neeraj Rai

Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering, and Center for
Advanced Vehicular Systems, Mississippi State University, Miss. State, MS, USA

            Molecular gels are formed by supramolecular assembly
of low molecular-mass organic gelators (LMOG) in organic solvents. These
molecular gels find numerous application including drug delivery, scaffold for
tissue engineering, environmental remediation, etc. Despite significant
advances made in the field, our understanding of how gelator molecules lead to
complex self-assembled fibrillar network (SAFIN) is rather poor. Here, we
present molecular dynamics simulation results that provide insights in the
early stage assembly of self-assembled fibrillar network (SAFIN) of selected LMOGs
in organic solvents. This molecular dynamics study consists of atomistic
simulation, coarse graining simulation, and steered molecular dynamics (SMD) to
investigate different stages of evolution of SAFIN.  Atomistic force field has been used to reveal
initial growth of aggregates of LMOG molecules while we have used
coarse-grained representation for solvent molecules to study the larger systems.
Furthermore, we employ steered molecular dynamics to access long time scale
inaccessible by traditional molecular dynamics techniques. To validate our
approach in molecular gel system, sol/gel transition temperature has been
calculated by measuring specific volume of gel at different temperatures. The calculated
gelation temperatures are in excellent agreement with the experiments.