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(516f) Vapor-Phase Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol over Co/Al-MCM-41 Catalyst


Tran, N. T. T. - Presenter, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Uemura, Y. - Presenter, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Chowdhury, S. - Presenter, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Ramli, A. - Presenter, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Vapor-phase hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) is a promising process for upgrading of pyrolysis oil which is an attractive alternative liquid fuel. In this study, a Co/Al-MCM-41 catalyst was characterized and evaluated for vapor-phase HDO of guaiacol, a model lignin-derived phenolic compound, at 400oC and atmospheric pressure. The HDO of guaiacol showed the selectivity to the deoxygenation products without ring saturation activity. Although phenol was found to be the major intermediate, the completely deoxygenated products were also formed. Among these products, the existence of toluene, xylene, pentamethylbenzene and hexamethylbenzene was the result of transalkylation reaction over the acidic sites of support. In this catalytic HDO, the metal function catalyzed hydrodeoxygenation to produce oxygen-free products while the acidic function catalyzed transalkylation reactions to prevent the carbon loss via methanization. The utilized catalyst can be regenerated in air flow at 450oC with no significant change in HDO activity.


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