(515b) Highly Efficient Methane Reforming over the 0.15wt% Ru/y-Al2O3 Catalyst in the 5um Pd-Ag Film Membrane Reformer | AIChE

(515b) Highly Efficient Methane Reforming over the 0.15wt% Ru/y-Al2O3 Catalyst in the 5um Pd-Ag Film Membrane Reformer


Simakov, D. - Presenter, University of Waterloo

Highly efficient
methane reforming over the 0.15wt% Ru/y-Al2O3 catalyst in
the 5um Pd-Ag film membrane reformer

David S. A. Simakov and Yuriy Román-Leshkov

Department of
Chemical Engineering, MIT, Cambridge MA 02139, USA

gas is an abundant, cheap and relatively clean source of energy and chemical
feedstocks, which can be reformed to syngas (CH4 + H2O =
CO + 3H2), requiring however temperatures above 850°C
[1]. Membrane catalytic reformers can provide high CH4 conversions below
650°C by selective separation of H2
(providing also a source of extra-pure H2) [2], but highly active
and stable catalysts are required. Commercial Ni-based catalysts do not have
sufficient activity at these temperatures and deactivate rapidly by coking,
particularly at (highly desirable) low steam/carbon ratios. In our recent work
we have demonstrated that the ultra-low loading 0.15wt% Ru/y-Al2O3
catalyst is highly active in low temperature CH4 reforming and has
excellent stability at low steam/carbon ratios [3]. Herein, we demonstrate the
implementation of this catalyst in a membrane reformer, using the supported 5um
Pd-Ag film membrane for H2 separation. Conversions well above the
equilibrium were achieved (Fig. 1a), generating 3.5 mol of ultra-pure H2 per
mol of CH4 fed at the maximum (Fig. 1b). Importantly, the maximal
power density of this (6 inch length, 0.5 inch OD) unit was 0.9kW/L (if the H2
generated is fed to a 60% efficient fuel cell). No significant deactivation was
observed after 200h of operation. The feasibility of the low steam/carbon ratio
(S/C=1, 2) and of dry (CO2) reforming was also investigated.

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