(495b) Nickel Based Catalysts Supported on HZSM-5 for Hydropyrolysis and Hydrogenolysis of Lignin Model Compounds

Jan, O. - Presenter, University of Washington
Hitihami Mudiyanselage, A. - Presenter, Wayne State University
Jin, J. - Presenter, Wayne State University
Camargo, F. - Presenter, University of Washington
Resende, F. - Presenter, University of Washington
Nikolla, E. - Presenter, Wayne State University

Lignin is a potential feedstock for the production of fuels and chemicals, but its highly heterogeneous structure and recalcitrance during processing make it difficult to understand the specific catalytic pathways taken to undergo conversion to more valuable products. In this contribution, we report on a study of hydropyrolysis and hydrogenolysis of lignin model compounds, such as eugenol, on non-precious Ni based catalysts. We found that as the monometallic Ni catalyst is modified by incorporating another element in the structure, the chemistry of eugenol conversion is significantly altered. Based on these insights we have developed links between the nature of the Ni site and the activity of these catalysts toward eugenol conversion.