(33f) Dynamic Covalent Assembly of Peptoid-Based Ladder Oligomers | AIChE

(33f) Dynamic Covalent Assembly of Peptoid-Based Ladder Oligomers


Scott, T. F. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Wei, T. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Dunn, M. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Jung, J. H. - Presenter, University of Michigan

Dynamic covalent chemistry, in conjunction with template-directed assembly, enables the fabrication of extended nanostructures that are both precise and tough. Here, we demonstrate the dynamic covalent assembly of peptoid-based molecular ladders with up to 12 rungs via scandium(III)-catalyzed imine metathesis by employing the principle of Vernier templating, where small precursor units with mismatched numbers of complementary functional groups are co-reacted to yield larger structures with sizes determined by the respective precursor functionalities. Owing to their monomer diversity and synthetic accessibility, sequence-specific oligopeptoids bearing dynamic covalent pendant groups were employed as precursors for molecular ladder fabrication.