(32a) Providing the Whole Perspestive for the Team Process through an REU

Hadley, K., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Winter, R. M., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

The theme of the research in our REU is on modeling.  Modeling is inherently collaborative so the other overarching theme is on teamwork and all auxillary perspectives and skills associated with teamwork.  The Technical Experience in Advancing Modeling Sciences (TEAMS) REU site developed programs for teaching REU students the value of teamwork, the facets of good team practices, and the perspectives of both being a valued team member and a team leader.  In addition, a number of supporting programs related to teamwork were presented including communication skills and intellectual diversity.

We will present our preliminary results on how effective our programs were at developing the teamwork perspective in REU students.  In addition, we will discuss the challenges and benefits of a team approach to mentoring and distance mentoring.  Finally, given time, we will discuss the modeling features of our REU.