(315a) Pyrolysis of Fuels to Absorb Heat before Combustion

Westmoreland, P. R., North Carolina State University
Crymble, S., North Carolina State University
Taylor, S. J., North Carolina State University
McGill, C. J., North Carolina State University

Endothermicity of pyrolysis is being studied as a way to absorb heat generated on the wings of high-Mach-number aircraft. The resulting products have higher chemical energy as a bonus. The caveat is that no coke can be generated. If radicals persist, coke formation is expected to be likely, so short chain-propagation lengths are desirable. In the present work, hydrocarbon model compounds, JP-8, and JP-10 are pyrolyzed in a pressurized flow-tube reactor, and the products are sampled and analyzed by molecular-beam mass spectrometry. Overall kinetics are measured for fuel conversion and intermediate and product formation, and these results are compared to elementary-reaction models.