(292f) Modeling and Simulation of a Catalyzed HC Trap

Sharma, M. - Presenter, Ford Motor Company

Modeling and Simulation of a
Catalyzed HC trap

Manish Sharma, Ford Motor Company.

Catalyzed Hydrocarbon Traps are being
developed for improving the performance of the automotive after-treatment
systems during the cold start of a vehicle engine. The majority of unburned hydrocarbon
(HCs) emissions from vehicles occur during cold start operation of the vehicle
before the catalyst system has heated to the point where it has reached high
operating efficiency. This talk will present the results of a modeling study on
the performance of catalyzed HC traps. The model development has been done using
Steady State and Transient lab and vehicle experiments. A brief introduction of
the mathematical model will be followed by simulation results showing the
effects of parameters like the monolithic catalyst cell density, thermal mass
and zeolite content. The mathematical model helps understand the effect of
zeolite capacity, diffusion and thermal mass on the performance of the
catalyzed traps. Finally we will compare the model results to actual FTP
vehicle tests on Gasoline Fuel. We will also discuss future work needed to make
the model applicable to Ethanol mixed Flex Fuels.