(286i) Solubility Product Observations in Formation of Active LiFePO4 Cathodic Material for Secondary Energy Storage Application

Kwee, D. W., University of California Riverside
Martinez-Morales, A. A., University of California Riverside

An Ionic Liquid medium has been a promising alternative to solvent-based synthesis for a variety of materials due to its attractive wide temperature window and scalability potential.  Ionic Liquid medium for use in synthesis of crystalline material for active cathodic material had been recently explored, though precursor solubility remains a long-time issue.  In this approach, water is initially used as solvent for formation of intermediates, enabling effective precursor solubility.  Ionic liquid medium is then used to drive the reaction, from intermediate (created separately from water-mediated reaction) to product.  Reported here are solubility product Ksp observations for the solubilization / reprecipitation of intermediates along with its direct effect on active LiFePO4 product crystallinity, morphology, and electrochemical performance.