(247l) Molecular Modeling of Homogeneous Nucleation of [Bmim+][Cl-] from the Melt | AIChE

(247l) Molecular Modeling of Homogeneous Nucleation of [Bmim+][Cl-] from the Melt


Shen, Y. - Presenter, Louisiana State University
He, X. - Presenter, Louisiana State University
Hung, F. R. - Presenter, Louisiana State University
Santiso, E. - Presenter, NC State University

The study of solid phases of ionic liquids (ILs) confined inside nanoporous materials is relevant for the development of IL-based nanomaterials with unique properties (fluorescence, magnetic susceptibility). Although nucleation is a critical step in the process of crystallization, a fundamental understanding of these phenomena at the molecular level is still challenging, especially in the field of ILs. 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride, [bmim+][Cl-], a prototype ionic liquid, has a relatively simple structure and can form two crystal polymorphs. Here we performed molecular simulation to study the homogeneous nucleation of [bmim+][Cl-] from its supercooled liquid phase to its orthorhombic or monoclinic crystalline structure. The string method in collective variables1,2 was used in combination with Markovian milestoning with Voronoi tessellations2,3 and order parameters for molecular crystals4  to sketch a minimum free energy path connecting the supercooled liquid and the crystal phases, and to determine  the rates involved in the nucleation process. The mechanism of nucleation and the free energy barriers associated with this process will be presented and discussed.

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