(181c) Upscaling a Devolatilization Model for Oxy-Combustion Simulations Using Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Smith, S. T., University of Utah, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy, University of Utah

Large-eddy simulations of utility-scale coal boilers are intended to accelerate the deployment of next-generation oxy-combustion and AUSC designs. While the chemical percolation devolatilization (CPD) model is known to be quite accurate for predicting devolatilization rates of multiple coal types, it is far too computationally expensive for the scale of simulation intended. In this study, we present a methodology for up-scaling a first-order-with-yield model from CPD using the newest techniques in validation and uncertainty quantification. The approach incorporates any uncertainty in the parameters input into CPD and any additional uncertainty in the quantities of interest output from the CPD model. While the resulting models provide extremely good fits for the four coal types we have explored, the methodology must be repeated for each coal of interest.