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(176a) How to Entrepreneur - Getting Started


Privitera, M. - Presenter, PreProcess, Inc

Getting Started

The ah ha moment is the entrepreneurial idea.  Many people have many ideas.  What separates an entrepreneurial idea from just the muse running though the normal thoughts of the day is the impact the idea may create.  Can the idea change the world ?  If it can, then is there a way to capture and execute the idea into a sustainable effort.  Almost all execution is to deliver a product or service.  They both have common characteristics to achieve success.  Even world changing ideas need a resource stream.  Whether a philanthropically funded or revenue generating idea, the resource flows must be balanced similar to a common mass balance in a production system.  The most important part of getting started is just that.  In the initial throws of generating support for the idea, you must be able to pitch the idea constantly to various audiences.  Many companies have been launched from the famous elevator speech describing the idea.  Many others go through the "walk the street" pitch deck.  One famous guidance is the 10,20,30 rule developed by a famous entrepreneur.  The pitch deck will evolve as the does the idea.  Business plans are usually the next step after people latch onto the idea.  The issue is to remember developing the product and service is more important to starting than the pitch deck or business plan.  The reality is that if the idea is world changing enough, the pitch deck and business plan becomes very simple as it would be embodied in the obvious understanding of the plan by demonstration of the idea.

This session will present the "How-To's" on

1. The Entrepreneurial Idea

2. The Initial Pitch Deck

3. The Business Plan