(167d) Investigations into the Structural and Genetic Factors behind the Biomass Recalcitrance of Douglas Fir

Geleynse, S., Washington State University
Zhang, X., Washington State University

Submission to Be Considered As an Oral Presentation at AIChE 2015 Annual
Meeting in the Recalcitrance of Woody Biomass Session

into the Structural and Genetic Factors Behind the Biomass Recalcitrance of
Douglas Fir.

Scott Geleynse, Xiao Zhang

Washington State

Fir is a particularly challenging feedstock to utilize in the biochemical
conversion to fuels and value-added chemicals due to its high levels of biomass
recalcitrance. Earlier efforts have developed a foundation of data on the
variation and genetics associated with this recalcitrance, along with a
collection of tree samples screened for differing levels of recalcitrance.
Despite their similar origin, some samples tested exhibited fermentable carbohydrate
yields of over three times difference. In this presentation, we will discuss
various investigations into the chemical and structural variations in several
of these samples, along with a comparison of some genetic parameters to help
shed light on the subtle differences that contribute to large variations in
biomass recalcitrance of softwood biomass.

Presenting author:

Scott Geleynse

Bioproducts Sciences and
Engineering Laboratory

School of Chemical Engineering
and Bioengineering, Washington State University

2710 Crimson Way, Richland, WA 99354

scott.geleynse@email.wsu.edu, x.zhang@wsu.edu