(129c) Teamwork and Teaching Large Sophomore Level Courses

Liberatore, M. W., Colorado School of Mines
Vestal, C., Colorado School of Mines

The authors have taught more than 150 students in a single section for the last two years. The experiences teaching a sophomore level thermodynamics course (1st and 2nd law) and a material and energy balances course. Several best practices will be shared including how to administer exams, placing students in team using CATME, team work both inside and outside of class, and creating an activity learning setting.  The training and activity of both undergraduate and graduate student teaching assistants will be dicussed, including successes and failures.  Answering questions in a large classroom can be a significant challenge, but using the team teaching model allows students to grab a TA or professor to ask questions during the numerous active learning activities during any class period. Survey data from students in the course will cover the team and just-in-time teaching components of the course.