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Advancing Efficient Fossil Energy Based Power Generation


Matuszewski, M., University of Pittsburgh


Miller, D. C., U.S. Department Of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

The objective of this session is to evaluate the cost and performance new ideas for coal- or natural gas-based power generation in the context of carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS). Major topics include: CO2 separation from fossil energy power plants; process and technology development and improvements; optimization and comparison of CCUS processes; process intensification. Questions that may be addressed include: - What are the major cost and performance consequences of CCUS technologies? How is the cost of electricity impacted after implementing CCUS and other process enhancements? What is the resultant cost to capture carbon emissions? To what degree are plant heat rate, water use, and other relevant operations affected by implementation of these strategies? - What promising developmental pathways have been identified? What is the relative potential of these technologies? Are these developmental pathways cost- or performance-limited? - How may major bottlenecks in conventionally-proposed power generation processes be removed? Can these bottlenecks be attributed to technology limitations or sub-optimal process design choices? What techniques might be used for systematic optimization of these processes? - What market conditions are required to motivate implementation? What cost of CO2 capture would result in favorable economics for enhanced oil recovery? What carbon tax level would be required to motivate more efficient operation and/or CCUS? - How might CCUS technology help to address recently proposed environmental regulations on non-CO2 emissions? What synergies exist when coupling power generation improvements with CCUS?



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