(755e) Crystallization Process Design: Accelerating Process Design through Modelling and Control

Whelan, J. - Presenter, University College Dublin
Morris, G., APC Ltd.
Carr, M., APC Ltd
Glennon, B., APC Ltd.
Barrett, M., APC Ltd

Pressure to deliver robust, high-performing processes at scale with compressed timelines and greater process understanding is increasing.  Advanced modelling and process control represent one possible approach to accelerating process development while delivering on process understanding and performance.  These approaches compliment and support the experimental programs undertaken during process development.

In this talk, the application of novel crystallization process models, continuous crystallization operation and advanced process control to the design of batch crystallization processes will be discussed.  The deployment of these tools allows for the systematic mapping and interrogation of the design space, streamlining the development of a robust process at scale.  A number of case studies applying this approach to process design will be presented.