(748f) A Novel Microwave Frequency Sensor to Simultaneously Monitor Chemical Composition, Moisture Content, and Density of Roll Compacts Online

Harris, M. T. - Presenter, Purdue University
Austin, J. S. III, Purdue University
Gupta, A., Purdue University
Reklaitis, G. V., Purdue University

Control of particulate processes is hard to achieve due to the ease with which powders tend to segregate.  Thus, proper sensing methods must be employed to ensure content uniformity during testing.  Previously, the use of a prototype microwave sensor was presented to monitor envelope density and moisture content simultaneously, online.  In the present work, a novel sensor of similar design was developed that has the additional capability to measure chemical composition in ribbons.  The results indicate that this novel microwave sensor is capable of increased accuracy compared to commercially available NIR probes for the determination of blend uniformity in roller compacted ribbons online.