(662g) Determination of Equilibrium and Thermodynamic Parameters for the Adsorption of Model Textile Wastes Unto Eggshell Powder


The Adsorption of Congo Red And Methylene Blue Dyes (Modeled Textile Wastes) Unto Eggshell Powder and Determination of Equilibrium and Kinetic Parametes
Sodeinde O.A and Fadayini M.F.
Chemical Engineering Department, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.
Eggs produced from chickens are eaten in large quantities in restaurants, hotels and many households especially in commercial cities in Nigeria like Lagos. The eggshells left over after the consumption of the eggs constitute considerable waste that has to be disposed. However, the potential of using the eggshell powder was explored in this work. Textile companies constitute the major consumers of dyes. Effluents from textile industry have been found to be major pollutants of underground waters and to have harmful impacts on the ecosystems in water. This study focused on the use of eggshell powder to adsorb two of the major dyes used in the textile industry which are usually in textile effluents namely methylene blue and Congo Red. The effectiveness of the eggshell powder to remove these dyes under equilibrium conditions was studied under varying experimental conditions of adsorbent dose, contact time and pH using powder of particle size 100 microns and room temperature of 30 oC . The equilibrium data was studied using the Langmuir and Frenudlich models. The kinetic data obtained were analyzed for both first and second-order models for both dyes. The optimum adsorption dose obtained was 1.7g/l, contact time of 2 hrs, and pH of 8 for each dye. Although the adsorption of both dyes fitted more the second order

kinetic data, the equilibrium data fitted the Langmuir model better for methylene blue while Congo red fitted better the Freundlich model. Eggshell powder is a good adsorbent for these dyes.



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