(635e) High-Value Fuels and Chemicals from Low-Value Gas Feedstocks | AIChE

(635e) High-Value Fuels and Chemicals from Low-Value Gas Feedstocks


In the drive to increase efficiency and reduce waste, the low-value available industrial waste feedstocks are becoming increasingly dilute. Despite being dilute, the high flow rates of these streams make meaningful contributions to the emissions profile and bottom line. Today, companies must mix these with virgin feedstocks to recover some marginal value. Biological conversion is an intriguing option, which suffers less from contamination, but delivery into the aqueous phase presents another challenge. To address this challenge and capture the value of these feedstocks, Lanzatech is developing an innovative very high mass transfer bioreactor, enabling gas fermentation at low-pressure. Secondly, there is also an opportunity to convert waste gas feedstocks into platform intermediates in aqueous solution for later conversion through aerobic bioprocesses to an array of fuels and chemicals. In addition to being cost advantaged over sugar, this approach offers the efficiency of anaerobic processes with the flexibility of aerobic processes. While more concentrated than in the gaseous form, the potentially dilute nature presents new challenges and opportunities.