(630b) A Zinc-Iron Redox Flow Battery for High-Performance and Low-Cost Energy Storage | AIChE

(630b) A Zinc-Iron Redox Flow Battery for High-Performance and Low-Cost Energy Storage


Gong, K. - Presenter, University of Delaware
Ma, X., University of Delaware
Kuttler, K., University of Delaware
Gu, S., University of Delaware
Yan, Y., University of Delaware

Redox flow batteries are considered the most promising scalable technology for the storage of renewable wind and solar electricity. We have developed a new double-membrane triple-electrolyte concept that offers unprecedented freedom in choosing redox pairs and the pH of the electrolytes [1-3].  We have demonstrated a Zn-Ce flow battery that offers a 3.1 V cell voltage, the highest for an aqueous flow battery, and a S-Fe flow battery that is very inexpensive because S and Fe are the 5th and 1st most produced element, respectively. In this presentation, we show a new Zn-Fe flow battery that can deliver a peak power density of 647 mW/cm2 and cycle at a current density of 100 mA/cm2 with a round trip efficiency of 70%. Our state-of-the-art cost model shows that this Zn-Fe flow battery can meet the cost target of $100/kWh for commercialization.

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