(503d) Shape-Controlled Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Fpr Bioimaging

Bao, Y., University of Alabama
Sherwood, J., The University of Alabama

Shape control is one of the most exciting aspects of the nanoparticle synthesis, which allows manipulating the chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials. In this talk, the shape control of iron oxide nanoparticles using a modified “heat-up” method will be presented. In particular, we will discuss the formation mechanisms of various shaped iron oxide nanoparticles and their shape-dependent magnetic properties. For example, ultrathin iron oxide nanowires were formed by selectively decomposing certain ligands of the Fe-oleate complex precursor. In contrast, iron oxide nanoworms, nanoplates, and nanoflowers can be achieved if a weakly binding ligand is added during synthesis to tailor the nucleation and growth processes.  The shape of the iron oxide nanoparticles directly affects their magnetic properties, such as ferromagnetic nanoworms, superparamagnetic nanocubes, paramagnetic/superparamagnetic mixed nanoplates and ultrathin nanowires, subsequently define their application as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents .